Travel Planning

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Travel Planning

How to Plan Your Trip: The 3 + 3 Method

Plan your trip to include sight seeing and local experiences without the burden of stress that inevitably ruins your trip along the way. Our easy planning method will help you simplify your travel and embrace the experiences on every trip…

paper pencil and phone ready to create a trip itinerary
Travel Planning

5 Simple Steps to Create a Trip Itinerary

One secret to planning a successful trip is creating a solid trip itinerary. Follow these five simple steps to create the key parts of your itinerary. You'll have the planning done, so you can focus on enjoying your trip!

Travel with kids at the airport waiting for your flight
Travel Planning

6 Reasons to Travel WITH Kids

Why would you travel with kids? Because it is the most incredible way to spend time together as a family! You learn and grow together as you discover the world around you. Don't miss out!

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Make planning your next trip a breeze! This template will organize your travel information in an easy-to-use format!